The 805Stats live scoring platform is used by your scorekeepers to score the game as it is happens, and in turn is broadcast live via the internet in real-time, while automatically updated every 10 seconds.

Parents, players, coaches, and fans are always looking to stay updated with the latest sports scores, highlights, top performers, game stats and so much more. Make it convenient by having the live scoring screen to display the game in real time on your organizations website and 805Stats app.

This will ensure everyone has the latest information all the time for free. Use the LIVE SCORING app as a stand alone program, or combine it with the STATS WEBSITE.


Easy Score Only Mode

Normal Score Mode

Advanced Data Entry Mode


Now athletes, coaches, and fans alike can see detailed performance stats for teams and player like never before. The depth of data is endless based on how detailed a team scores games, so true competitive stats and rankings of players for a myriad of metrics can be seen and compared.


The free game(?) viewer is available to anyone to watch any live game, anytime using the 805Stats app. Simply download and register with the app, and family, friends, and fans can all watch your games live from anywhere.

Tournament Manager

  • Manage registrations and invites to tournaments, schedule teams and venues.
  • The web based interface allows the tournament director to plan and schedule a tournament in a matter minutes, take full advantage of venue usage,
    and publish team schedules.
  • The system creates the games and sends the data to the scoring programs of each team.
  • Full bracket management and advancement will display on the web & mobile applications for teams to track their tournament schedules.
  • Automatic notifications to teams during play gives teams and directors real time data on advancement, and information pertaining to their specific teams’ game location, standings and scores.


League Manager

  • Allows leagues to manage their teams websites and standings, the system is fully customizable.
  • Customizable settings give the flexibility for leagues to manage colors and other parameters for the look and feel of the league site.
  • Furthermore, it manages “in network” teams who are allowed into the league, and syncs data with the scoring application in real time.


Live Streaming

  • Our complete live streaming solution includes the highest quality video, with an adaptive bit rate player, available on the market today.
  • The Player can combine advertising pre-roll, mid-roll and post roll production for monetization.
  • Video streams automatically save for reduced loss of video, and with ‘multiple video combining’ we allow the user to start and stop a video uploading within the same game, or stream, and the system combines the videos automatically at the end of the event.
  • Automatic detection of highlight clips attach to the play-by- play


Data Entry Services

Our data entry services remove the task of integrating your game data onto the web by having our staff of professionals enter the data for you. This can be for your current season and also for previous seasons.

By adding your previous seasons to your stats site it give recruiters and scouts the ability to see a full range of your athletes history all in one place. Multiple teams, seasons and sports are no problem for combining the data into a one stop site and providing the viewers a full set of historical data to work with.

White Label 

Add a White Label App to your team or league to give the viewers a simple way to access your games and data right on their mobile device. The Apps have advertising available for you to recover costs and showcase your sponsors. This makes it easier to get sponsors for your organization and higher visibility. Track games, schedules and individual player profiles easily. If you have our livestreaming video it integrates directly into the app in real time. With the white label approach your viewers don’t have to sort through the web or try to find your team or leagues information.